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getting stitchy . fun etsy embroidery and cross stitch!

i love embroidery and cross stitch. i play with it a
little myself, but i am no where near as talented as the
people below. i love these shops and i hope you
do too!

i absolutely love these! i want one so bad! check out
this shop to find other lovely embroideries!
{photos from: MiniatureRhino}

how about some humor in your cross stitch? this shop
cross stitches beautifully humorous designs. how about
a stephen colbert tweet or the BS cross stitch above?
check them out!
{photos from: youheartus}

or how about a try it out for yourself with this kit!
super cute pillows!
{photo from: emilypeacocktapestry}


  1. I am reading as many blogs as I can today. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Love the little embroidered hearts.

  2. thanks Sandy! Enjoy your quest!