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handmade gift guide . for the whimsical girl

here's the perfect handmade gift guide for the
spontaneously fanciful or playful girl! this gift guide
will help you find the unusual or fanciful gift for
the whimsical girl in your life! please enjoy!
{$79 focksy scarf from, celapiu}

{$38 flora clutch from zelaya}

{$15 carried by birds print by, Roadside}

{$32 aqua green feather headpiece from, bethanylorelle}

{$18 postcard from heaven print from, mystiqueisland}

{$7 felt butterfly ring from, MIXKO}

{$185 woodland bear orphan from, EvelynsWonderland}

{$17 envy print by, HidenSeek}

{$20 vintage inspired necklace from, Gingeroni1}

{$24 white birds from, Middleburg}

{$100 fairest one of all pin from, oneeyedcollie}

{$180 ruffled silk carina bolero from, bonzie}

{$20 reflection necklace from, ABoxForMyTreasure}

{$80 camisole and pantalette from, undertheroot}

{$25 three wishes necklace from, SeaUnicorn}

{$250 peaches n cream party dress from, ouma}

{$67 windswept clutch from, BrianaEdelmanDesigns}

{$21.50 for a minute there ... i watched myself print from, JacqleenBleu}

{$32 bows and stitches pillow from, Olive}

{$85 natalie clay sculpture from, doubleparlour}

{$35 antique chairs print from, ClaudiaKayPhoto}

{$48 paige dress from, everydayfairytale}

{$30 aurora tiara from, whichgoose}

{$58 picture frame from, 2DogsWoodWorking}

{$38 vintage earrings from, indignare}


  1. Great picks!!!

    I am so in a state of WANT! now, hee


  2. Thank you so much for the post of my doll! I just love your blog!


  3. Thank you for posting my photo up there! I love all these gifts you have grouped it with! Love your blog too!! Thank you!!!