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Thursday's Three: Feet

I've been inspired by my baby's new feet obsession... This weeks Thursday's Three is all about: Feet

On to this weeks Thursday's Three:

1) I absolutely love this print. It is just so cute! Love the ruby slippers. Please check out the other goodies, such as jewelry, in this shop. I love it.

{Ruby slipper print ... ThatSomething}

2) These earrings are so funny! These earrings were designed by Xenaraes Room. They are so fun. Please check out this shop for more pretty jewelry.

{Walk it out sexy leg earrings ... XenaraesRoom}

3) I love this little print of some original artwork from Milky Lane. It's really lovely. Please check it out.

{Almost from the sea print ... milkylane}

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{Ruari at 5.5 months}


  1. Oh I just found you had another blog, this one is lovely as well! i am excited to look at some of your work!

  2. I just love those ruby slippers! Such sweetness!

  3. look at those amazing blue eyes! she's beautiful! :)

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