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Thursday three ... feeding me!

{Me and Ruari at 22 weeks}

Over at the paper mama this weeks Thursday's Three is about feeding baby... so, I thought since this is MY blog then the Paper Lady's Thursday's Three should be about feeding me! :)

1) How awesome are these nesting bowls? They are so awesome. I would love these as serving bowls. Please check out her shop! I love it!

{Nesting pinwheel bowls ... catherinereece}

2) These wine glasses are so beautiful. They are hand engraved! So unique and lovely. There really are some very nice engravings in this shop. Enjoy!

{Hand engraved wine glasses ... daydreemdesigns}

3) These linen napkins are adorable! As most of you know I love to do what I can to live a green life. One thing that Mike and I do is we use fabric napkins about 90% of the time. We barely ever go through a paper towel roll. These were stamped with a hand carved spoon print. Love the shop as well!

{A spoonful of sugar linen napkins ... sugarandfig}

Don't forget to check out the Paper Mama's Thursday's Three: feeding baby...

{Messy Ruari in her new bebePOD at 23 weeks}


  1. i love catherine reese! great blog : )

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  3. Such cute pictures on your blog!

  4. I love those wine glasses...i could use them now!

  5. Just went to your etsy shop...I love it all! You are super talented!