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Thursdays Three...

Check out three of my favorite little shops I found this week...
pepperandfarley ... this store has just opened! Its actually my mom's shop. Please check it out and send her some love!

Luxe Deluxe ... I absolutely LOVE this shop! I want it all, but I'm being so good and not buying... I don't know how long this can last. Oh, this necklace is beautiful!

Little k'reation ... This shop is based in Tokyo. She makes jewelry with kimono fabrics, and some are even vintage! Love them all!

Please check out these shops! I really enjoy them, and want to buy it all!


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  1. great finds. i specifically love your mom's shop. that bag is AWESOME!

  2. Nice. The teal rose on that necklace is lovely.


  3. The Luxe Deluxe shop is awesome, thanks for sharing! Hearted it :-)

  4. wow! love it all already, like mother like daughter, everythings awesome