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Hug Your Sister Week #3...

Just Something I Made has an assignment that I decided to take on. Hug Your Sister Week.

Beautiful. Funny. Serious. Sensitive. Giggle. Dorky. Smile. Concerned. Outgoing. Adventurous. Goofy.
My sister.

Nicole and I doing the Chicken Dance, at my wedding, from
Arrested Development (See video below).

My sister is currently living in New Zealand with her boyfriend. He's a kiwi. While she was here for my wedding she posed for a few of my Etsy items.

That's my sister.


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  1. Yay!! Sister love! Great dancing photo, I love it! Wow, and fabulous model, score! The video cracked me up! I've never seen that show, but now I guess I'm going to have to. Thanks!

    Long distance is hard on sisters. The internet has sure helped a lot. Thanks for sharing your sister-hug!

  2. Cute photos of sis and you! Nice that some sisters do get along well...good for you both!

  3. You two look absolutely darling. What fun you're having!

  4. What a great photo! You guys are so adorable and appear to be having so much fun -- and your sister is such a sport for modeling your stuff. My 19-year-old daughter would be perfect, but she refuses. However, she does wear my stuff all the time (me being her personal designer every time she gets new clothes and needs something to go with) and therefore gets lots of compliments and brings new customers my way -- so all is good.

    Well I don't have a sister (3 brothers though), but really enjoyed this post.

    Your Mom's bag below is really cute. Great shop banner and shop name! I'll check back for more inventory...

  5. Thanks everyone! May I point out my friend Danny in between my sister and I giving me a, "Wow, she's crazy." look. Hee hee.


  6. The photo is wonderfull!!!I like your paper ornaments!!;-)