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Paper Lady Invites at Etsy! Buy Handmade this holiday season!

I just recently went to the BIG holiday show here in Portland. Man, I was SOOOO disappointed. I'd say about 70% of the items were brought in and cheaply made in China. It was all junk too. Very ugly mass produced statues, junky cheezy ornaments, and so on... Things you'd like for a couple days and toss later (because it will probably break or fall apart by then anyway). So wasteful!

So, please buy handmade this holiday season. It doesn't have to be from me or Etsy. But that's a good place to start!


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  1. I *love* what I just ordered from you and I want to find a year long home for the bird ornament! The 'holiday' is in a few weeks, so I will put up photos and let you know!!

    LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!

  2. hello
    its a nice ornament anyways
    keep in touch