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Tagged by Tina of Pheiffer Photos ... Heeeereee's Chelsey!

Thanks Tina from Pheiffer Photos! This is the 2nd time I've been Tagged. And, since my house is beginning to look like Timberline Lodge (I've never seen this much snow), its a good excuse to talk about me! This time, I think I'll talk about my obsessions...

1st Random thing about me:
I'm obsessed with neat papers. Vintage or new. Whatever. If I love the print, I have to have it. I may have it for months before I even touch it, but I need to have it! Oh, I haven't had a good paper fix in quite some time...

2nd Random thing:
My hubby and I love to rent and watch television shows. Oh, I might show how dorky I am by saying this, but our most recent rentals have been Battlestar Gallactica. Hee. And, we like to rewatch Lost and can't wait for the next season in January. We also love Dexter, Entourage, Band of Brothers, and so many more!

3rd very random thing:
I LOVE Christmas Ornaments. In fact, I have so many ornaments that I only put about 3/4 of my ornaments on my tree this year. AND, I also was in the 2008 Holiday Ornament swap on Swap Bot this year too. 10 more from that. AND, I bought a couple from Etsy, and my work. Oh, I have a problem...

4th Random Obsession:
I LOVE shoes. I need shoes. I buy shoes. I want shoes! I recently bought some amazing boots from Anthropologie, love them.

5th random thing about me:
Teacups. I've collected them for years. I love antique, vintage, or new. Whatever! They just need to be unique and beautiful! I don't use them for anything, I just love to have them around.

6th random me thing:
Birds. I love things with birds on them. I'm just always attracted to birdy decorated things!
In fact, while searching for a photo for this post, I found a birdy purse, stamp, and print I want to buy! I've got to stop searching for birds on Etsy!

7th random thing I love:
Dahlias! I love Dahlias! In fact, I had Dahlia's for my wedding this year! I cut them at a local "farm" that grows u-pick Dahlia's. $4 a dozen. I spent $30 on flowers for my wedding. And, they were beautiful.

So, there's my seven. Normally, when tagged, I'm supposed to list seven more people that I would tag. But, since I've already been tagged I decided to list seven of my favorite Etsy shops! Believe me, I have way more than seven favorites, but here are seven for now!

The Black Apple
The Luxe Duluxe
Trish Grantham
Rebirth Frames

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The photos displayed in this post are from sellers of handmade goods and art on Etsy. Visit their shops at the links listed below and enjoy!

Photos from
Santa Paper: Vintage Ephemera
What the Frak Notepad: Pigsey Art
Felt Bird Hanging Decoration: Little Glowing Lights
Precarious Green: Countess
Warmth: Bella Celeste
Finding Winter Cardinal: Remarkable Bird
Photograph by: Craig Mitchelldyer Photography


  1. Hey Chelsey! Those are fun obsessions you listed. We're eagerly awaiting the BSG final season in our Netflix que...due 1/16/09. We didn't watch ANY of last season so we can have a marathon with no commercials! I also LOVE papers--old, new, modern, vintage, scrapbook style or torn out pages of books--and have some I haven't touched for years! Fun Etsy shops you chose to feature also; the notepad made me smile. :0) Merry Christmas!!

  2. o boy you are a great collector!