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Silly Silly Me!

I cannot believe it.
I was at work yesterday and could not quite figure out who one customer was. I recognized her, but from where? I helped her, met her little baby and everything. Still nothing...

When she left I suddenly realized! It was Ali Edwards, my Paper Crafting Super Hero! Duh! So, here's this lady I'm extremely inspired by, I have most her books, I know she lives in Oregon, and I didn't realize it was her until she left... So disappointing.

The silly thing is I usually wear one of my Paper Hair Clips to work (I get a ton of responses from my hair clips when I wear them out), but this day I did not! I know if I had worn it and she would have said something and I would have figured out who she was. Darn. I guess I'll just have to always be prepared everyday to meet my super heroes. Next time?

Check out her blog to learn more about her!



  1. That happens all the time wtih me, not knowing how you know that person. Don't cha just hate that? Maybe she'll be back. And maybe you'll be wearing her cute hair clip next time too.

  2. Well, shoot! Cute clip, tho! ;0)

  3. I hate when that happens! At least you figured it out and met her =) Next time you will know!

  4. lord...been there done that...only in my case it was Patrick Swayze that I finally recognized after he'd gone down the elevator...shucky darn....

  5. Awwwwwwww, maybe she'll be back! :)

  6. o shucks i hate that! yes make sure to wear your creations and i will too :) write more too! :P

  7. thanks for the comment :)have a wonderful day